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Sanremo Cube R

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$5,790.00 CAD
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$5,790.00 CAD

The Cube V uses a vibration pump supplied by the machine's internal water tank.

The Cube R uses a rotary pump that may be plumbed in or also use the machine's internal water tank.

More Info:  CUBE - Sanremo Canada

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  • The most original design on the market
  • Complete selection of colours and materials
  • Highly customizable
  • Web App for control and interaction
  • Energy saving system
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Smart water tank design

Using the WiFi module in our WebApp you can amplify and simplify interaction with the CUBE_R.
CUBE App allow user to scroll over different functions:

  1. Remote machine on/off
  2. Set-up boiler temperature for CUBE_R
  3. Manage water tank level
  4. Enable and manage water filter signaling. Available in two different counters:  1) Expiry in time: simple to use, suitable for water tank. 2) Expiry in volume: perfect for when the machine is connected to the main line supply, calculates the
    total volume of water consumption.
  5. Show shot time in real time
  6. Statistics: daily, weekly and monthly counters for coffee and water consumption.


Width: ………………….323 mm / inches 12″-3/4″

Depth: …………………….465 mm / inches 18″-3/8″

Height:……………………. 369 mm / inches 14″-1/2″

Weight (CUBE_R): …. 26,5 Kg / lb 58.5