Barista / Espresso Machinery Training Sessions

$250 per 2 hour session

Designed with both the barista and the coffee shop owner in mind, our training workshops will demystify the basics of properly preparing espresso and maintaining the equipment.

How to properly 'pull' a shot:
-Grinder adjustments
-Shot evaluation
-Shot timing
-Volumetrics and Weighted shots

Drink preparation:

-Steaming Milks

-Assembling Drinks

-Keeping a clean workstation

Preventing Downtime and Repairs:

-Equipment cleaning and maintenance

-Water softening and filtering

-Procedures for time saving methods and preventative repair needs

$250 per session
Minimum of 2 hours per session.

Maximum of 4 hour time slots.  Maximum 2 times slots per day.
Maximum of 3 people per session.
CONTACT US to book a training session