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Gaggia Classic Pro - Colours

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$650.00 CAD

Gaggia Classic Pro

Whether you are cutting your teeth as a new barista, or a veteran looking for a return to form, the Gaggia Classic Pro makes authentic home espresso more accessible than ever. A machine made to unleash your inner barista at home, it is the product of a perfect combination of tradition and espresso quality. This is one of the best entry-level espresso machines on the market, and won't break the budget.

Professional 58mm Portafilter

The same size, weight, and style of the larger professional machines found at your local cafe. The chromed brass group and filter holder are designed to guarantee optimal coffee temperature throughout the entire brewing process. The iconic filter holder with the signature Gaggia "G".

Two Hole Steam Wand

Professional and traditional steam wand with two holes at the tip. The impressive steam power makes rich, velvety, perfectly textured milk froth for gorgeous cappuccinos. Allows you to swirl milk into latte art with ease! Gives you full control over the milk frothing process.

Updated Control Panel

A new intuitive interface has been split up into three rocker switches for power, brewing, and steaming. Each switch has a dedicated indicator light to tell you when the machine is on, ready to brew, and ready to steam. Allows you to have total control over the function of the machine.

Streamlined Frame

Timeless stainless steel frame. A renovated stainless steel bodywork shape to make the water level visible, and make removing the water tank easier. A new drip tray to improve stability is streamlined with rounded edges that accentuate the contours of the machine.

Three-Way Solenoid Valve

The three-way solenoid valve relieves the pressure in the filter holder immediately after pulling a shot. Water empties from the filter holder via the open valve, and into the drip tray. This leaves the coffee puck dry, making it easy to clean.

Professional Gaggia Boiler

Made of aluminum.
Single boiler with dual use.
Features embedded heating elements.
Designed for temperature stability, the traditional Gaggia boiler ensures you pull the perfect shot every time.
Rapid heating boiler, ensuring you skip the wait for your espresso.

2-Litre Water Tank

The machine is equipped with a large 2 litre water tank. The size ensures that you can pull several shots of espresso without having to worry about refilling.
The redesign of the machine's framework makes the water tank easy to remove and top up.

Improved Pump Mounts

The same excellent espresso but brewed quieter than ever thanks to improvements to the pump mounting that reduces noise during operation.
The machine is equipped with a vibratory pump.

Additional Features

Passively heated cup warmer.
Pod and capsule compatible
Decompression duct has a rubber grip for safer and easier removal.

Included Items

Commercial double basket, commercial single basket, pressurized single basket all included.
Plastic tamper included.

General Specifications

Dimensions: 24 x 23 x 38 cm
Weight: 7.2 kg
Voltage: 110 / 120 V
Wattage: 1350 W
Pump pressure: 15 bars
Maximum cup height: 8.3 cm
Made in Italy