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Sanremo Treviso

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$2,950.00 CAD
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$2,950.00 CAD
Great for Home or low Commercial use.
Sleek modern design with a classic commitment to quality.  A truly high-end machine with the convenience of plumbing hookup, the Treviso LX is perfect for restaurants, cafés and anywhere people who love coffee gather, or for a truly devoted home coffeeholic.  Discover all the stability and quiet power and efficiency of a rotating pump along with all the premium made-in-Italy touches Sanremo machines are famous for.

Copper boiler and piping
Electronic automatic level

Vibrating pump
Single manometer

Plumb-in Capable with Rotary Pump model

Manufacture from the WBC (World Barista Champion Maker).

Semi-professional coffee machine, with sophisticated,\'a0stylish lines, the TREVISO model is particularly well-suited to small restaurants and gathering places in which coffee drinking is a ritual that complements other food and drink (e.g., sandwich shops, pubs).
Its technical features render it as efficient as larger models but with a much-reduced volume. It is also well-suited to home coffee making.
It comes in two versions, with a rotating pump and plumbing hook-up or with a vibrating pump and internal water tank.

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