Artistic reconstruction espresso machines created by Niko from Espresso Medic.

Used frames and boilers are put together with many new parts and are dressed up in a unique ‘one of a kind’ solid original casing often with custom knobs and footings.  Machines are custom-made as ordered.  Your style and vision is discussed prior to the machine being specifically designed for you.

Contact Niko here or at to start designing your machine.

Fantastiko Magic Box

Now in Vancouver on a bicycle cart with Scavenger Coffee.

A true work of art.

Functional on propane or electricity.

Real brass with repurposed copper, antique knobs and tempered glass.

Each brass tack, hand drilled and riveted.

Vintage La Pavoni P/tre frame, boiler and lever group, Rancilio valves, Astoria propane kit.

This thing may live forever.

Rusty Frankenstein

100 lbs of rusted steel, plasma cut, repurposed springs and railroad spikes as feet.

Brass sheet front panel. Wooden portafilter handles.

Simonelli Elle boiler and frame with Astoria lever groups, modified Rancilio steam and hot water valves.

Chopped and Modified Z11

Chopped from a Rancilio hydraulic Z11, boiler and groups from an S20.

External pump, adjustable hot water tap on solenoid switch.

Walnut Wood Windows

Black walnut, birch and tempered glass.

Simonelli Elle boiler, frame and valves, Astoria groups.

Custom aluminum valve levers, repurposed bronze front panel.