Elektra MicroCasa, 45 years old.

This nice Elektra MicroCasa came in.  Very tarnished.  Needed a new element, a full descaling, a new light and some piston rings and gaskets.  A bit of elbow grease on the polish just for fun.  Total billed: 2hours.

DSCF3746.1DSCF3746A bunch of home levers came in at the same time.  These look nice.DSCF3729 DSCF3730 DSCF3733 DSCF3735 DSCF3736 DSCF3737 DSCF3741                 I think this was a bread bag.  This boiler gets quite hot.

                 This section took alot of elbow grease.

DSCF3810 DSCF3814 DSCF3902                 Well, that’s not too good.

                 I guess we are going to have to find a new piston spring.


Now we just have to locate acquire a new spring.

More to come…


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