A few things we’ve been working on these weeks…

Well let’s see here.  Someone brought in a 45 years old Elektra MicroCasa and a la Pavoni Professional in very bad shape.  An Ecm Raffaelo came in for an element and a descaling.  We acquired a Gaggia, a Cafe Roma and a Mokita.  2 NuovaSimonelli ElliMatics came in at the same time, it’s so weird sometimes.  We are rebuilding a Faema Compact that was for sale.  A la Pavoni CrossRoads came in for diags.  And a NuovaSimonelli Premier came in with the grinder, because it just smells and tastes foul…  With repairs at a bunch of cafes, we are quite busy this month.

Repair your espresso machine before the holidays.

Don’t get stuck during the holidays with no way to make yourself your favorite coffee drink.

There is still time to bring it in for repair or a tune up before we will be closed for the holidays.

Make an appointment for a drop off or a pick up.  Most home repairs are done by the next day.