We Actually Fix Espresso Machines!

Elektra BelleEpoque Double Brass Eagle

This was a nice repair to get into the shop.  Elektra BelleEpoque Double Brass Volumetric.

It was in need of a good descaling and some wiring and pretty much all the gaskets.


This kind of looks like a picture of nothing, but there is suppose to be a VacuumBreaker there, not a bolt.  It was nice to go through the whole machine and get things sorted right.


And voila!  A fully descaled boiler.


Shop Humour:


And that was the last Breville to ever enter my shop, never again, screw you Breville. 

Ok ok, just one more. (and the last Saeco to be allowed into my shop as well, ever)


Pavoni Professional, Rebuild

This Pavoni Professional came in.  What a mess.  Besides needing a good descaling, a new switch, pressure-stat and gaskets, the piston stem was defected…  It must be the wrong grade of metal somehow as it got pitted by something in the water.

After alot of elbow grease and new parts, this machine is as good as new.

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Elektra MicroCasa, 45 years old.

This nice Elektra MicroCasa came in.  Very tarnished.  Needed a new element, a full descaling, a new light and some piston rings and gaskets.  A bit of elbow grease on the polish just for fun.  Total billed: 2hours.

DSCF3746.1DSCF3746A bunch of home levers came in at the same time.  These look nice.DSCF3729 DSCF3730 DSCF3733 DSCF3735 DSCF3736 DSCF3737 DSCF3741                 I think this was a bread bag.  This boiler gets quite hot.

                 This section took alot of elbow grease.

DSCF3810 DSCF3814 DSCF3902                 Well, that’s not too good.

                 I guess we are going to have to find a new piston spring.


Now we just have to locate acquire a new spring.

More to come…


Don’t freeze your machine.

This Nuova Simonelli came in for a “tune-up”.  Just a do over to make sure it was still in suitable working order.  Being in storage for over 4 years.  My first question was: “did it freeze?”  Costumer said no, I doubt it.

Ok, the element was half dead, and it needed a good descaling but alas it all of a sudden became very sad.  One of the heat exchangers was torn open in 2 places due to ice jacking.DSCF0772DSCF0782DSCF0829




The machine obviously froze.  Heat exchangers are not changeable in this model so the entire boiler will have to be replaced.  The bill just tripled.  At this point the costumer might want to rethink saving this machine.