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Another Cimbali M27 clogged with scale.

There are alot of these out here.  Such good work horses.  They go and go until there is a major clog, most people don’t even notice that it has been struggling for years.  Finally showed a solid sign when the pressure stat clogged and the points stayed on and the boiler overheated and the relief valve triggered.  There was a very thick and hard layer of scale in the bottom of the boiler and 1/3 of the element was toast.  Ceramic form the element was also freely accumulating in the boiler from the element.  Taps were leaking and there was a large area of rust on the top frame where the moisture accumulates from the hot water tap.  This was going to take at least 5 hours spanned out on 5 days.   Descaled with product over 8 times,  redid the clips on the element and the probe, changed many gaskets.

Quoted 5 hours, billed 5 hours.  New element, lots of gaskets.  Machine is almost rebuilt.

DSCF0604DSCF0605DSCF0612.1 DSCF0621 DSCF0620 DSCF0613 DSCF0612 DSCF0612.2DSCF0623 DSCF0630 DSCF0625DSCF0641 DSCF0643DSCF0647DSCF0667DSCF0669DSCF0672DSCF0673DSCF0674DSCF0675DSCF0678DSCF0684DSCF0689DSCF0704DSCF0707DSCF0713DSCF0716DSCF0719DSCF0722DSCF0845DSCF0848DSCF0853DSCF0855DSCF0863.1DSCF0863DSCF0864.3 DSCF0864.2 DSCF0864.1 DSCF0907 DSCF0904DSCF0921DSCF0922       DSCF0924DSCF2854DSCF2853DSCF0903DSCF2852DSCF2851DSCF2848DSCF2847DSCF2855.1DSCF2855.2DSCF2856.1DSCF2855DSCF2856 DSCF6590

Crystal Castle Portal found in M27 boiler.

This was the weirdest scale I’ve ever encountered.  I kept it in a bucket in hopes of analyzing it one day.  Melted nicely but was in all the tubing.  The heat exchangers were filled with sand.  Within about 4 days this beauty came back to life.  Changed one of the vibration pumps and a bunch of gaskets.  Cimbali M27, this machine likes to be repaired!DSCF7211 DSCF7217 DSCF7227 DSCF7237 DSCF7238 DSCF7242 DSCF7249 DSCF7251 DSCF7252 DSCF7260 DSCF7281 DSCF7285 DSCF7292 DSCF7297 DSCF7306 DSCF7314 DSCF7316 DSCF7322 DSCF7327 DSCF7329 DSCF7332 DSCF7334 DSCF7336