Another Cimbali M27 clogged with scale.

There are alot of these out here.  Such good work horses.  They go and go until there is a major clog, most people don’t even notice that it has been struggling for years.  Finally showed a solid sign when the pressure stat clogged and the points stayed on and the boiler overheated and the relief valve triggered.  There was a very thick and hard layer of scale in the bottom of the boiler and 1/3 of the element was toast.  Ceramic form the element was also freely accumulating in the boiler from the element.  Taps were leaking and there was a large area of rust on the top frame where the moisture accumulates from the hot water tap.  This was going to take at least 5 hours spanned out on 5 days.   Descaled with product over 8 times,  redid the clips on the element and the probe, changed many gaskets.

Quoted 5 hours, billed 5 hours.  New element, lots of gaskets.  Machine is almost rebuilt.

DSCF0604DSCF0605DSCF0612.1 DSCF0621 DSCF0620 DSCF0613 DSCF0612 DSCF0612.2DSCF0623 DSCF0630 DSCF0625DSCF0641 DSCF0643DSCF0647DSCF0667DSCF0669DSCF0672DSCF0673DSCF0674DSCF0675DSCF0678DSCF0684DSCF0689DSCF0704DSCF0707DSCF0713DSCF0716DSCF0719DSCF0722DSCF0845DSCF0848DSCF0853DSCF0855DSCF0863.1DSCF0863DSCF0864.3 DSCF0864.2 DSCF0864.1 DSCF0907 DSCF0904DSCF0921DSCF0922       DSCF0924DSCF2854DSCF2853DSCF0903DSCF2852DSCF2851DSCF2848DSCF2847DSCF2855.1DSCF2855.2DSCF2856.1DSCF2855DSCF2856 DSCF6590

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